Saturday, November 18, 2006

Wealth Builders

Report on the Wealth builder’s meeting

Team members: Husband and wife, and another Bahá’í in Round Rock
26 total attendees
16 not yet registered as Bahá’ís, (62%) with 3 first time non- Bahá’í visitors
total of 59 since starting in January 2005

The meeting was opened with a Bahá’í prayer, a short 5 minute introduction on a spiritual principle was given. All were invited to attend a fireside/discussion on the Bahá’í Faith and Biblical Prophesy. At the beginning of the meeting there was a request for the Bahá’ís to identify themselves with a show of hands who was available to respond to questions about the Faith.

A recent Sunday get-together was well received and there were 8 non- Bahá’ís who came to the house. We had Bahá’í literature out. One couple wanted to have a brief fireside. Then we had a follow-up fireside with the husband of the couple yesterday.


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