Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Phone Teaching-Team 2

Team 2 was at the National Bahá'í Center in Evanston, Illinois. A couple of youth in the Teaching Office heard about Phone Prayers in Austin and were curious about it. While discussing it, there was some thought that residents might not be receptive, since Illinois is not in the South were people are often polite and friendly, even to strangers. They knew that by relying on God, things would turn out all right. They decided to try, said prayers, and began.

Again, phone numbers were selected from the White Pages of the phone book. Chicago did not have zip codes listed but they had the city next to the phone number, so the team of three decided to select homes near the National Center. Five numbers were called and no one was home. The next call was answered by an elderly person. It was not obvious if they were ‘ma’am or sir’ so the caller was careful not to refer to gender. When asked if they would like to have a prayer read, the answer was a simple, “Yes” and a general prayer was said. The next call was from one of the youth who works at the National Teaching Center. The first call was answered by a man. His answer was also short and to the point, “Yes.” After that, we felt pretty excited. It was easy to do, and no one said no!

The Teaching Team members were at work, so we they just tried Phone Prayers for 15 minutes.


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