Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Phone Teaching Team 1

Team 1 met to do Team Teaching during the Expansion Phase of Cycle 7. They met at the Austin Bahá'í Center, said prayers, and began. Phone numbers were selected from the White Pages of the phone book. Homes with the same zip code as the Center were selected, 78723, because the Center has been a place that so much love has been expressed from all the devotionals, prayers, Holy Days and Feasts. There have also been teaching projects over the years in the area, and people are receptive in the area.

Basically what the team did is called homes. If you don’t reach a live person, you hang up and call another number. If someone answers you say, “Good afternoon. My name is ________ ___________, a Bahá'í. You don’t know me; I’m calling to say a prayer for you, or someone close to you. Is that okay?” If they say “Yes”, you say a prayer. If they say “No”, you say, “I’m sorry to have bothered you. Thank you for your time.” It pretty amazing, folks are very polite when they decline.

One lady wanted a prayer for her and her daughter. Another knows a Bahá'í in Florida. No one asked why this was being done. They accepted the offer, and after the prayer, this was said, “It was nice reaching you and saying a prayer together. Is there anything else I can do to be of service for you today? (No) Okay. God bless you. Good bye.”

The Teaching Team members had taught together before, but it had been several months. One had done Phone Prayers before, and one had not. The one who had not was the prayer partner. The prayer partner of the team is relied on heavily.


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