Saturday, November 18, 2006

Dos Mujeres

Teaching Team: 2 Women
11 years working together – 2 years as an identified team!

Our collective plans for teaching what we have come to see is a receptive population – women! We are Persian and American, speak different languages, have different educational backgrounds, and share a deep love for our fellow women, their plight and station. It was easy to come together and see a vision for how we wanted to make a difference in our world, one as manager of many women and one serving in a therapeutic capacity. All around us were women in need of the Faith.

It is an unlikely pairing in the cynical world we live in, and even more compelling for those who come to view our team as unified, and deeply committed to one another. The first step was our friendship, and sisterhood, then a teaching team! Oh yeah, and we’re both trained tutors who have completed the sequence of courses which allows us to immediately engage individuals in the institute process if they are interested in the Faith. Here’s how we’ve decided to manage out teaching team:

1. Consultations continually revolve around covert and overt signs from women attending ACT Women gatherings and/or women friends wanting spiritual guidance, how we introduce them into the core activities, or move into quickly improvised firesides. We are very flexible and try hard to be attentive to the seekers needs.

2. An email list of all seekers is vigilantly maintained with encouragement, stories, and quotes from the Holy Writings, which reinforce previous conversations or stimulate new conversations.

3. We tag team one another’s leads, decide how far we can go with our overt suggestions into the core activities, or simply pray hard. The needs of the seekers are omnipresent in our minds.

4. Regular devotionals are held before our meetings, praying for guidance, sustenance, leads, and inspiration.

5. We decided at some point that our team needed to walk the talk and so we gave one another permission to spur on each other’s spiritual growth, and have held one another accountable in this process.

6. We connect women with other women who might best help them. We elicit help where needed and aid in focusing the declarents into core activities that best suit their needs and wants.

7. We have learned, firsthand, that the receptivity of a declarant naturally extends to their respective family members and initiating loving overtures to include the family becomes a top priority. This process of respecting the family as a unit, building up trust within their paradigms has been a full circle realization for our teaching team.


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